Chrono Stellaris Stage Sign: Half A Frame

I was recently commissioned to do a project for the local band Chrono Stellaris. They are a talented bunch, and have played several shows around town with great success, but they lack is any sort of stage dressing. That’s where I come in. We have been knocking around a few ideas, so don’t be surprised if you see a few projects pop up for these guys, but we’re starting with the basics: letting people know who they are watching play.

I will be building two signs: a large bad-ass sign, and a smaller still-pretty-cool sign for when they have less space on stage. I’m starting with the smaller sign mainly because of time constraints. They are wanting something before their next show.

The design on the sign is pretty basic. It’s going to be a back-lit sign box, similar in construction to the Tardis Sign I built a few years back. It will be 2’x3′ (ish) with a variation of this graphic:

Chrono Logo

Pretty Snazzy.

The first step in any project like this is a trip to Home Depot for materials. After the shopping trip I had this to work with:


Not pictured: some paint.

The plastic sheet that will one day become to face of the sign is 2’x4′, but I’ll be cutting it down to 2’x3′. For the frame I decided to add an extra 1/8″ to each dimension to allow a little wiggle room installing the plastic, so I cut the wood down to two 2′ 1/8″ planks and two 3″ 1 5/8″ planks. the planks are 1/4″ thick, so when everything is assembled there will be an inside area of 2′ 1/8″ x 3′ 1/8″.

Test Fitting

This is just a quick test fitting. Nothing is actually attached.

With everything cut to (hopefully) the correct size I got busy assembling the thing.

Corner Clamp

Things I love: 90° corner clamps.

Each corner gets a bit of wood glue and two nails, and is held in place to dry with a snazzy corner clamp. Unfortunately I only have four of the clamps, so I could only do two corners tonight. The other two will have to wait until tomorrow.

Current Progress

This is where I had to leave things for the night.

It’s a promising start. I should be able to get the rest of the frame built tomorrow. If we’re very lucky I’ll even have time to attack it with some wood filler.

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