Chrono Stellaris Stage Sign: Half A Frame

I was recently commissioned to do a project for the local band Chrono Stellaris. They are a talented bunch, and have played several shows around town with great success, but they lack is any sort of stage dressing. That’s where I come in. We have been knocking around a few ideas, so don’t be surprised if you see a few projects pop up for these guys, but we’re starting with the basics: letting people know who they are watching play.

I will be building two signs: a large bad-ass sign, and a smaller still-pretty-cool sign for when they have less space on stage. I’m starting with the smaller sign mainly because of time constraints. They are wanting something before their next show. Read more of this post

Adam Syringe

This is another project that I am very happy with. It’s the Adam syringe used by Little Sisters in Bioshock. If you haven’t played the game, here are a couple of shots cribbed from

Little Sister

She's sad.

Adam Syringe

This was the primary reference image I used as I was finding parts and building.

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Tardis Sign

This was one of the first projects I did that I was really happy with. Unfortunately I didn’t really get any photos as I was making it.


Domo unrelated.

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